Streetfood – an indispensable culinary glimpse in Vietnamese culture


Healthy, being made from fresh ingredients, containing a variety of aromatic spices are the quintessence of Indochina street-food. The magical combination between different kinds of ingredients, spices and sophisticated ways of cooking has created signature natural irresistible dishes.


Just right in Jungstraße, let’s leave the sophisticated luxurious space to travel to 90s of Vietnam to experience special dishes in a spacious and airy terrace rooftop with us!!


Our PHO – the priceless specialty of Vietnamese’s thousand-year food culture.


The celebrated Broth soup is carefully stewed from beef bones upto 10 hours with many unique spices from Vietnam. Together, these exudes an extraordinary warm aroma, erasing the deepest winter feelings.


Nudelnsalat – A top choice for summer days


Not only salads, low-fat dishes such as spring rolls, mixed vermicelli,… Nudelnsalat is also a perfect mixture of nudeln, salad, and Kräuter used togother with a completely homemade special sauce which contain the unique sour and medium taste. Accompanied with that is the sweet aroma of peanuts and the incredible softness of meat, all are harmoniously combined, which makes it to become an irreplaceable dish in summer weather


Our Appetizer dishes are prepared meticulously,

with the utmost care and attention with the „fresh and new“ standard ingredients every day, which might limit us on our daily servings without preorder, please forgive us for this inconvenience.


And of course, Sushi is one of the outstanding strengths at 90s Restaurant.

The strict requirements for the quality of fresh fish and seafood set by our restaurant can help you rest assured. Fresh ingredients mixed with exclusive sauces, make our restaurant’s sushi become unique within all diners.


Hope you all your favorite  dishes and have pleasant experiences at 90’s Restaurant.